Business, Commercial, Event & Video Production

Business Portraits send a message that you are a professional and ready for business,and is ideal for images that will be used internally or externally.

Includes annual reports, press  releases , media, marketing and publications that highlight, promote, and acknowledge staff, management, CEO’s, executives and owners of a company.

This style image is excellent for use as your primary profile image on all internet and social media outlets and a “Must” for your company website.


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Conferences & Trade Show 

Documented with a photojournalism style capturing the Interactive relationship between the speakers and the the audience. Giving you images that demonstrate the message conveyed at the conference or the details and vibe of a product unveiling or trade show.

On Site Portrait Station & Print service

Provide your guests at your next event with a professional portrait & keepsake print. Complete Portrait station set up with professional lighting, back ground options & on site printing. 

Green screen technology

Enables us to incorporate your company logo or a customize backdrop into the images.

Event Group Portrait Service

“On site” Group portrait service provided with expert posing and composition utilizing environmental backgrounds and professional lighting. Available for your next Board Meeting, convention, National or International Conference, Award Ceremony or Training Symposium.

Photojournalism coverage

Showcase and preserve moments from: Charity and Fund Raising Events, VIP Meet and Greet, Company Elections, Anniversary and Retirement Parties, Personnel promotions and Honorary Celebrations, Holiday Parties, New Company Open House, New-Product Unveiling, Company Expansions, Let us capture these moments for prosperity!


Touch the different images below to view a variety of samples.

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography is defined as photographing Products and Services that represent your Brand and give the public a visual description of what your company offers. Excellent for use in marketing and advertisement.

Uses for Architecture Photography

New Construction of residential homes or commercial buildings, also interiors & exteriors of Commercial & Residential Property's.

Editorial images  -  Are used to illustrate an article, story, text, or to inform/educate in support as a visual story.

Environmental Photography

This approach helps better illuminate a subject's character, and therefore, portray the essence of their personality utilizing their surroundings or background as a key element. It is also thought that by photographing a person in their natural surroundings, the subject will be more at ease, and so be more conducive to expressing themselves, in contrast to in a studio, which can be a rather intimidating and artificial experience.


Touch the different images below to view a variety of samples.


Are anther great marketing tool for showing off who you are, what you do, or what makes your products special. We create short web based promotional and testimonial videos showcasing your business, products or services.

The video is produced in a cinematic HD style and can be embedded into all your social media platform sites.